OEM Clamps is İdeal Kelepçe Brand.

Our Quality, Environment, Ohs Policy and the Certificates

In order to respond to the quality, safety, reliability, environment and other product demands and expectations of our customers and the international community;

To continuously increase, develop and determine customer needs and expectations and satisfaction and to meet their demands at the highest possible level, To be respectful to the environment in the processes it carries out, To produce products that comply with the legal requirements and standards of the national and international markets where we sell our products,

By making the best use of its resources, investigating and eliminating the root causes of our mistakes, reduce wastage and losses, and by observing all the factors affecting our costs, to bring them to the minimum level possible, By following the innovations in the clamps and fasteners sector, to continuously improve our quality management system, products and processes, to take its place in the world market as a leading company in our sector;

It has adopted it as a quality policy and committed to implementing it.


In line with the principle of sustainability, our priority values are adherence to ethical principles, transparency, zero tolerance to bribery and corruption in our relations with relevant parties in all our Quality Management System and business processes.

Our employees must act with integrity and honesty in their relations with all our stakeholders. It is our human resources policy to make an effort to work with the awareness that the job imposes a responsibility towards people, the environment, the law and its customers.


OEM CLAMPS serves to the industry in order to meet the customer demands from begining of the R&D to the product delivery as a principle.

Continuous improvement and zero-defect policy applies in each production process with modern production line and experienced production team.

Oem clamps offers fast and safe solutions with its customer-based and solution-oriented approach.

Major advantages of OEM Clamps;

  • New product development by constantly meeting the customer demands
  • With decades of experience in the clamping industry, In-house designed and manufactured molds, production lines and custom product range
  • Quality policy followed in all processes from design to finished product

Our quality planning that we apply in all;


The OEM Clamps is honoured with being registered and operate our Quality Management Systems under ISO 9001, IATF16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications. Certification standards provides our customers the confidence that OEM Clamps leads by a culture of quality and continuous improvement, while operating in an environmentally responsible manner.